TULAMBEN, Bali Dive Sites

Tulamben is a quiet seaside village that has become world famous for the hugely popular USAT Liberty Shipwreck (sometimes known as USS Liberty) which most scuba divers regard as one of the best shore entry wreck dives in the world.

Diving at Tulamben is not limited to the USAT Liberty Wreck, there are many other sites, all quite different and all boasting an incredible abundance of marine life. Sites such as Drop Off, Coral Garden, Kubu Wreck and of course Liberty Wreck, on their own make a dive trip to the peaceful north east village of Tulamben worthwhile.

If you would like to do more diving and less travelling, we can offer overnight packages for this location which give you the chance to do a night dive on the Liberty wreck.  This will be one of the best night dives you ever do!  With moray eels out hunting, groupers following your torch light for an easy meal and dozens of bump head parrotfish sleeping in the shelter of the wreck.

We make two dives at Tulamben which is about a 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hour drive from the main tourist areas of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

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The main reason that scuba divers travel the world to get to Tulamben is the USAT Liberty Shipwreck, lying just 40 meters from the beach and certainly the most accessible WW II shipwreck that you are likely to dive

A combination of torpedoes and a volcanic eruption have caused this great ship to sit in shallow waters. The top sits in just 5 meters and the rest drops away to around 30 meters meaning all levels of diver can experience parts of this wreck, which is festooned with healthy corals, sea fans and great barrel sponges

With an easy shore entry, calm conditions and good visibility, the Tulamben Shipwreck is en excellent dive site for those trying scuba diving for the first time as well as for more experienced divers.

The richness of marine life is immediately visible as black surgeon fish circle your approach. The Liberty is home to hundreds of different species including giant barracuda, turtles, bumphead parrot fish, oriental sweetlips, pygmy seahorses and the enormous potato cod.

On the shore side of the wreck is an Eel Garden, watch them dart back into the sand as divers approach and on the way back to the shore look out for the shrimps digging homes for the gobi’s.



Usually the first dive of the day, Coral Garden is great dive for macro and also for beginners.

Most of this dive site is quite shallow with the best and brightest of the corals and macro activity at around 5 meters, so your low air consumption will give you plenty of time to explore and take photo’s.

Glance under the table corals for glimpses of fish hiding or just having a rest. Look out for the ribbon eels stretching out of their homes hoping to catch unsuspecting prey. Swim further into Coral Garden and you will find a huge area of anemones, closely guarded by their attendant anemone fish that will swim right towards you with no apparent fear!

Despite the shallow depth it is quite common to see small reef sharks who love this site as much as we do!



Usually it is fairly quiet as most visitors head for the shipwreck. The dive is shore entry and a short swim to a wall that eventually drops down to more than 70 meters

The wall is covered in sponges and wonderful gorgonian fans. When you get to the end of the wall you will find a huge purple gorgonian sitting in 25 meters.

Look into the small crevices and cracks that make great hiding places for lion fish, crabs, moray eels and frog fish. Away from the wall you will see trigger fish, puffer fish, tuna and trevally.


Tulamben – Advanced Divers Only…


Located just 10 minute dive up the road from the USAT Liberty shipwreck is the purpose sunk coastguard ship, sunk in 2012.  It now sits upright about 50 metres off of the beach, starting at a depth of 18 metres and going down to 35 metres, therefore appropriate for advanced divers.  It is often called the Ghost wreck or the Relax Bali wreck after the resort in front of it. Even though it has been there for such a short time only, marine life has already made this their new home. You access the wreck via the coral garden. You can encounter schools of barracudas, triggerfish and groupers on this shore dive. The wreck itself is still intact.